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The MOONDOGSHOW - a road movie for your head
What do you need on an evening to dream yourself into a landscape of endless highways and shimmering heat? The music of the Moondog Show. Theirs are songs of wanderlust, of a melancholy feeling such as in Paris, Texas or High Noon. It is full of emotion and heart. The Moondog Show do not play the blues, cajun, tex mex or country. They combine these influences and come up with a sound of yearning for love and loneliness. It is the soundtrack to the road movie in your head.

Bild: Pink Pedrazzi

Pink Pedrazzi:
Vocals, guitars, dobro, ukulele.
Since 2008 Mudphish with claudia Bettinaglio.

Bild: Pascal Biedermann

Pascal Biedermann:
Guitars, mandolin, dobro, vocals.

Bild: Peter Wagner

Peter Wagner:
Drums, organ, piano, keyboards: Multi instrumentalist, producer.

Bild: Patrick Sommer

Patrick Sommer:
Bass, upright bass.